1964 to 2014 Golden Jubilee CCS

CCS is celebrating 50 years of action and service within our region this year.

We are a small but committed group of active members who are involved in all sorts of issues, from Container Deposit re- introduction, to Tasmanian forests, to local Town Planning issues to ensure protection of wildlife corridors.

We respond enthusiastically where we can to remove threats to all things environmental, from the Leadbeaters possum natural habitat near by in Yellingbo, to Coal ships moving through the great Barrier Reef, to water quality locally, at Tarralla wetlands. Tree plantings, done by CCS locally have enhanced many locations in Croydon, including the vicinity of two railway stations.

We manage financially due to the serious paper recycling scheme carried out by our forefathers in the 60’s and 70’s. The retired men would work to stack an Australian Paper Mill truck full of newspapers, after having collected and stored them in a member’s garage until a full load existed. The womenfolk would put on a Plowman’s lunch of crusty bread, cheeses, chutney and pickled onions. This was a satisfying day’s work for all, and funds raised were wisely invested.

We are indebted to these forward thinking original members, for their investment of time and effort to ensure our secure position.

We have great hope that CCS will continue to exist and be a local voice for our region and municipality into the future. Tree loss is still a very topical issue and with the expectation of increasing housing density, the larger lots with mature habitat trees that form a canopy above us are foremost in our focus currently.

We offer support, also, to as many larger groups as we can, such as the Australian Conservation Foundation which coincidentally is also celebrating 50 years this year; Environment Victoria, Victorian National Parks Association, and Save Our Suburbs.

Liz who has been President on and off over the past 25 years has recently been awarded a Deakin Community Award for her conservation work in the region, and along with our treasurer is representing the community as a member of the new Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee.

CCS is now 50 years on and still going strong!

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