can you teach Australian wildlife NOT to eat cane toads and die?

almost unbelievable, but this is from World Wildlife Fund WWF

Cane toads are fatal when eaten by unsuspecting predators. Whilst we can’t stop the toad invasion, we can help species survive it by training them to recognise and avoid the taste of cane toads.

We’ll drop very small cane toads, called metamorphs, just before the toad invasion arrives. These tiny toads make their predators feel sick but won’t kill them. So when they later see and smell a larger adult version of the toad, they’ll know to avoid it.

It’s already been trialed to great success in another area of the Kimberley. But it’s expensive work and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

Sadly this work is critical, since the Great Toad March expanded across in to Western Australia. If inclined you can donate to this cause through WWF.