Illegal tree removal

All trees in this region are considered valuable to all of us as residents. Canopy trees provide numerous benefits to our health wellbeing and also to local wildlife, see “what trees do” Ring the Ranger bylaws hotline….1300 88 22 33

A canopy tree is described as having a trunk circumference of greater than .5 of a meter, measured at 1 meter above the ground OR a tree in excess of 5 meters in height.

A permit is required to remove any tree of these dimensions unless it is within 3 meters of a dwelling, or is smaller than a canopy tree, or it is considered a weed species – see below, or a qualified arborist (tree specialist – not a feller) provides written advice that the tree is either dead dying or dangerous.

Weed species trees are, Pinus Radiata, English Holly, Sweet Pittosporum, Cotoneaster, Privet or Black Wattles, a full list is on Maroondah Council website.