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All covid-ed out? Have we mapped a tree near you?

Find and seek, a great family activity. CCS is happy to share for the first time our interactive map showing many of the most beautiful examples of our Maroondah trees both native and exotic. For a few years now, CCS has been photographing some of Maroondah’s best loved trees. Why ? Because some of us […]

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Croydon station proposal

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Local image display

October is local history month. CCS is keen to participate in how Croydon was “then” and “now” If you have photos of an original house, maybe it still looks essentially the same, or maybe it has been added to, the Curator of this display is keen to copy your images ready for the display which […]

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Interested in Aboriginal Justice ?

Since it is NAIDOC week, if you are interested; on Sunday 25th July 3 till 5pm… 4/30 Main St Croydon at the Bazoo Bar, a talk with Jim Poulter about Historical Injustices and The Way Forward. Jim’s ancestors settled in the Yarra Valley in 1840 and established enduring relationships wit the Woiwurung people. Jim is […]

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2020-2021 AGM

our AGM was held last evening, with an invitation to Maroondah new Councillor Suzanne Stojanovic. All positions were resumed after the spill, by the encumbents. The Treasurers report is to be found in the Members area. Other items of note are that if members are paying using PayPal, it is best NOT to tick the […]

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Tarralla Creek tomorrow morning at 9.30 in the Eastfield Rd carpark…

for a short time to conduct a follow -up litter audit. Meet Monica, the project coordinator from Maroondah Council. Wear weather appropriate gear , sun protection, and safe clothes for walking through the brush (i.e. closed-toe shoes, long pants). (including water for drinking) Meet some likeminded people who are interested in re-establishing this wetland back […]

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For your school Environment teacher

CCS has a demountable tree which can be delivered within Maroondah area, for use by classes studying pretty much anything to do with the environment. It takes around 15 mins to erect, and on it can be displayed anything you want to heighten awareness of the imporance of trees. You can see others on our […]

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Daylighting Tarralla creek

Tarralla Creek Workshop What would it take to bring Platypus and Rakali back to the Tarralla Creek in Croydon, and how can you help? The Re-imagining Tarralla Creek project will see big changes to the Tarralla Creek in Croydon. The Tarralla Creek would benefit from a Friends group, but is there enough interest, and what […]

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Environmental Infrastructure for Growing Populations….our response

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a response to the Environmental Infrastructure for Growing Populations. September 2020. This response is from Croydon Conservation Society (CCS). The CCS was formed in 1964 to actively conserve the best of Croydon’s local environment for all to share. Croydon is part of the Maroondah LGA, which was formed […]

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Response to Croydon Hub

CCS response to the revised Croydon Hub Overall, the revised plan has enormous improvements on the original. It contains far more friendly open spaces and abundance of green vegetation and no longer has the gun barrel walk trans-versing the area. The majority of CCS committee have indicated a moderate level of support for what is […]

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