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Maroondah Heritage amendment C148

Focussing on post WW2 specifically, the concept is to ensure Maroondah retains the character of post war buildings in a community setting. The following excerpt provides some level of what it means, for further information click here You can also attend a session from 27th May to June 14th, details in link on side […]

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News, Croydon South land for development

PROPOSAL FOR 72–84 BELMONT ROAD WEST, CROYDON SOUTH The site is owned by Department of Education (DE) which has determined the site surplus to their operational requirements. The Land and Property Group of the Department of Transport and Planning(L&P) on behalf of DE has requested to have appropriate planning provisions put in place to enable […]

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Fruit fly in Maroondah

Back in 2018, CCS hosted a meeting with an expert from Victorian Agricultural security to inform the Yarra Valley, that fruit fly would reach Melbourne anytime soon. Well this year, in Maroondah, our backyard Nashi pear has been hit hard for the first time. The evidence is a tiny pinprick hole where the fly has […]

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Cheong Planting

Maroondah will not use “off set” planting, that allows trees to be planetd outside of Maroondah to make up the numbers lost through development, so local plantings are a very important part of maintaining our local biomass.On Sunday March 5th March from 9am till 11am at the Bayswater rd end of the reserve, volunteers will […]

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local on line Maroondah news

CCS has a feature article on page 6. Just Google Find Maroondah

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Thinking about the November State Elections in terms of what is best for the environment ? this questionnaire will help clarify how the environment and planning has been doing over the past few years. You can also print it off and send it to you local representative in the hope they will take the time to complete it and send it back, or striaght to Ian imorgans999(at) amend this by […]

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We thought that those of you who don’t use facebook, might like to see something we made specifically for our campaign to get the State Government to fix the Illegal tree fine situation, so that Councils can use it effectively. It’s calle Biophilia, turn up the volume, grab a cuppa and de- stress. CCS […]

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Response to the draft Maroondah Sustainability Strategy May 2022

                                            Response to the draft Maroondah Sustainability Strategy May 2022 In the introduction to what sustainability means it mentions that it’s “all encompassing” and then talks about individuals, institutions, businesses and systems. While these are all very important to our long-term survivability; the one that stands out most predominantly to us is environmental sustainability, […]

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Croydon Station uplift project

As we embrace the new uplifted Croydon station and rail line, which will have a very positive effect of re-joining Croydon into a flat walk-through area from many locations, we need to also understand the environmental impact. For CCS this means the Crane memorial planting, which was a project done by CCS back years ago, […]

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NB.Teachers of Environmental science

Hi everyone, the past 24 months have been very trying, but here we are ready to take on big and small issues. Croydon Conservation Society now writes monthly for a local on line news publication called This is our most recent post for November Click here for our latest post on page 7

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