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NB.Teachers of Environmental science

Hi everyone, the past 24 months have been very trying, but here we are ready to take on big and small issues. Croydon Conservation Society now writes monthly for a local on line news publication called This is our most recent post for November Click here for our latest post on page 7

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All covid-ed out? Have we mapped a tree near you?

Find and seek, a great family activity. CCS is happy to share for the first time our interactive map showing many of the most beautiful examples of our Maroondah trees both native and exotic. For a few years now, CCS has been photographing some of Maroondah’s best loved trees. Why ? Because some of us […]

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Croydon station proposal

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2020-2021 AGM

our AGM was held last evening, with an invitation to Maroondah new Councillor Suzanne Stojanovic. All positions were resumed after the spill, by the encumbents. The Treasurers report is to be found in the Members area. Other items of note are that if members are paying using PayPal, it is best NOT to tick the […]

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For your school Environment teacher

CCS has a demountable tree which can be delivered within Maroondah area, for use by classes studying pretty much anything to do with the environment. It takes around 15 mins to erect, and on it can be displayed anything you want to heighten awareness of the imporance of trees. You can see others on our […]

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You can help… observation form

Something positive you can do environmentally without being an expert. We need to collect a data base, created by a team of passionate people (YOU) who are willing to document ( on a phone as a pic, or in a list with pen & paper) the many NON human faces of diverse Maroondah residents. Whether […]

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SCHOOLS…are you wanting to use our tree?

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Invitation to schools

If you look at our post named Celebrating the mature trees of Maroondah, you will see our tree, in three different dressings. After the last display in May, CCS is offering to loan this tree to any school in Maroondah who would like to use it as a framework for an art or environment project. […]

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Celebrating the mature trees of Maroondah, through art

Thanks to an Arts & Culture grant from Maroondah City Council we Have launched an exciting community art project today. It is designed to create awareness of and celebrate the mature trees of Maroondah. It coordinates work from the Croydon Men’s Shed, art work from all students of Croydon Primary School, a TV loaned to […]

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demolishing and rebuilding near you?

Planning Alerts is part of “Open Australia Foundation” site will allow you to sign up for any development applications within a designated radius of your own choosing. Made available through creative commons you will be sent an email regarding applications for proposals near you. If there are trees still on the site, you can ask […]

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