Tree Value

A you tube video regarding the importance of trees to us all Forests & Climate

Some councils are taking legal action over tree and vegetation removal. Maroondah Council is one of these Councils. However Maroondah Council is not in the habit of publicizing these legal cases, and so often the community is unaware of what is being done to ensure compliance with tree and vegetation controls.

Maroondah Council also uses an assessment method developed here at Burnley Horticultural college to ascertain the “monetary value”  of a tree for matters relating to compensation and litigation, insurance, and policy and decision-making.

Burnley method Tree value pdf.  CCS is regularly in contact with both residents and Council over tree removals!

 With the upcoming implementation of Plan Melbourne, NOW is the time to get serious about the intrinsic value of trees. If we are to have any effect on Climate Change then our trees must be valued to a point where the fine is significant and not just a “slap on the wrist” and a “fine worth paying” to enable unobstructed access to land for development.

The Wicklow ridgeline, from Bayswater to North Croydon, the pinnacle at Birt's Hill on Maroondah Highway  the dark patch mid photo is where we live in Croydon

As seen from Mt Dandenong…The Wicklow Ridgeline, from Bayswater across to North Croydon, the pinnacle being at Birt’s Hill on Maroondah Highway, near Yarra Rd

Maroondah wins at Supreme Court 2012

Maroondah Council, supported by the community in their vocal support of trees, takes a very serious attitude to illegal tree removal. In 2011, a development company, DC Consolidated Investments was brought before Ringwood Magistrates court for using a bob cat to clear a large area of native grasses shrubs and small trees. Two directors of the company were fined $10,000 each and the company a further $30,000 and ordered to pay court costs.

This year the business has been fined $40,000 for poisoning trees between 2009 and 2010 in a bid to remove them. The company appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Victoria, which upheld the verdict and fines. This sends a clear message to any other would be tree destroyers, that Council will prosecute and pursue anyone who fails to pay due regard to tree protection in this municipality. A second case against another land owner is being played out currently.