30,000 new Maroondah-ites by 2040

So where are these new-commers to be housed?

The council has now identified areas it feels are suitable for increasing density, and those areas that are best left to enable a variety of lifestyle choices within the city. The areas selected for densification are close to all amenities. It makes sense, the smaller dwellings will probably house elderly possibly disabled and single people who may need public transport, who do not have the interest in maintaining large gardens and who may use parks for passive recreation.

What can we do ?

If you are living in such an area, you have our sympathy if that helps, but the other side of this coin is that if you own the land it will be valued more favorably by developers, should you wish to sell. If at this point you feel the need to talk with someone, you can, but we suggest you read all the following material to familiarize yourself with the terminology and the intent of planning so that when you are speaking with a council officer you will be able to appreciate the information you will be given, and their “planning speak” will not be a mystery to you.

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