Croydon Conservation Society is a non profit community volunteer group, who since 1964 have been actively “conserving” the best of our local environment for us all to share, as well as planting native species in many locations to keep us and our local native inhabitants alive and flourishing!

CCS has no allegiances to any businesses, or other specific interest groups. We do have group membership in the Australian Conservation Foundation. We receive some administrative funding through Maroondah Councils “community groups” funding, for which we are very grateful.

Croydon Conservation Society Disclaimer

Material accessible on this website is not necessarily representative of the view held by all CCS members. Some articles published and “click on links” are included in our website as material to stimulate discussion, or to give another perspective of views held by other environment or activist groups. CCS is a local group of residents predominantly concerned with local issues, but also is connected to the World, given that the environment is a global issue.

How to use this webpage…  on this site are answers to your questions, links to other resources and groups, information and all things pertaining to living and caring for the environment of Maroondah.

Are you to be impacted by inappropriate development in your neighborhood? look under Planning, in particular the links to neighborhood character, also what is a VPO ? find out what the 3 letter acronyms mean

Are you looking for answers about trees? look under planning & flora and fauna

Looking for school project material? look under environment & flora and fauna

Looking for descriptions of local species? look under youth, summer fun or for bird calls look under flora & fauna

If you can’t find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us via email, or phone, remember, we are a volunteer service, so you may need to leave a message.

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