Frog census

Would you care to contribute to Melbourne’s Frog Census? common brown froglet

You only need a mobile phone to record it chirping, then send it to [email protected] with data sheet. Look for the data sheet available at the end of the page.

To try and make things less complicated and as easy as possible, we are welcoming frog calls from any location, with an emphasis on the 4 main months of April, August, October and November.  We are generally requesting 2 recordings for each of those months, however, you are most welcome to take more recordings, and of course, most welcome to take recordings all year round as we can never have too much data!  If you have been monitoring at a selected site, you are most welcome to continue to do so as repeated surveys from any site are most valuable.

You can download the Frog ID app from the Australian Museum, hours of fun for kids with great pics and froggy songs !

August will see the emergence of the endangered Growling Grass Frog and Lesueur’s Frog (otherwise known as the Rocky River frog) after bunkering down over winter, so these are two to listen out for along with those who call all year round such as Common Froglets, Eastern Banjo Frogs (Pobblebonks), Southern Brown Tree Frogs and Spotted Marsh Frogs.  For a full list of frogs found around Melbourne have a look here:   Send your recordings and data sheet to us at [email protected]