Messmate dieback / maintain a canopy across Maroondah

Recently two development proposals have brought up an issue with the owners ability to remove some mature trees just because they are a weedy species. CCS has discussed this at recent meetings and we have just this week sent a letter of request to Maroondah City Council regarding Pittosporums.

We have asked that they be removed from the “as of right” invasive species list and placed with other valuable trees on the need to “require a permit to remove”. This is until and if, we happen to find a robust Eucalypt that will withstand long periods of drought. In the mean time the dense canopies of Pittosporums across the municipality are looking quite healthy and providing great shade for delicate understory, and preventing the further drying out of the earth. Please stand with us on this decision, as we are threatened with losing thousands of local Messmates through climatic conditions being currently unsuitable for their survival.