Ringwood Lake

A bit about Maroondah’s jewel, Ringwood Lake.

Ringwood lake is a man-made lake, which was created in 1926, by stopping the natural flow of  Sandy Creek. The lake precinct covers 8.5 hectares of wonderful natural and park like environs, with walking tracks, picnic areas, a fully equipped children’s playground and a bridge across the lake.

Damming the natural water course, by engineering a deeper and wider area, has allowed the lake to form and it is continually fed by the creek that would have run past the back of Ringwood private Hospital, and is now underground in barrel drains.

The water that flows into the lake is natural run off, storm water from a large area of Ringwood extending from the south end of the lake near Rosedale Crescent. The water then empties from the lake back into Mullum Mullum Creek.

At times the lake is about 4 meters deep, but is quite shallow and swift flowing along the entry courses. Ducks that inhabit the lake and protected and should not be fed bread as it is unsuitable food for them, and waste bread causes bacterial growth in the lake, which can be deadly to the ducks.

A full and comprehensive article including pictures of the lake in its past history can be found following this link.