Developers VS trees

To tree or not to tree!

In terms of planning the tools used to help us achieve tree retention are the terms, “net gain” and “off-set planting.”

Net gain, is used across  a region, state or even country, the simple concept, is that for every tree removed, another one must be replaced, and then another few as well, so that overall, we actually INCREASE the amount of natural vegetation over time. For quantities of trees it is replacement plus 10%. This concept is entrenched in the planning and environment act.

What is the reality?

When a developer wants to remove trees on a lot, to “unencumber” the site so that the purchaser has an uninterrupted building envelope, the developer must replant trees to create net gain. This may not be possible on or near the development, so these trees may be planted at any location within the state! CCS is fairly certain this is not what the community expects as a suitable outcome.

If you do not want to take a car trip to a location anywhere in the State to visit replaced Maroondah trees then be vocal to Council when developments are being planned.

For local residents who are very rightly concerned about incremental loss of our canopy and protection of habitat for those creatures and birds we happily live amongst, we expect Council to enforce proper tree control and replacement in our own municipality.