Maroondah’s Birds

Maroondah has prolific bird life. We have the trees and clean environment that makes for excellent habitat. Many people think a dead tree should be removed, but if it is structurally sound, the larger limbs and trunk provide habitat for birds, small marsupials and insects.

Dense prickly bushes are habitat for tiny birds like Finches, Wrens and Eastern spine bills (tiny nectar eaters) with a high pitched note and a sharp curved long beak.

The most common birds of Maroondah can be heard (sound files) on the following site Back yard birds  More information regarding bird life including hidden camera video of a Powerful Owl nesting with chicks, can be found on the following site

an incomplete list is…

Powerful Owls

Nightjars..Tawny frogmouth



Butcher birds

Grey Currawongs over winter

Black Currawongs over winter




Indian Mynahs

Noisy Mynahs

Crimson Rosella

Eastern Rosella


Rainbow Lorakeets

Sulphur crested Cockatoos

Yellow  tailed Black Cockatoos

Corella – near Croydon Library in particular

Gang Gangs occasionally

Masked Plovers – on open grassland usually a football field or such

Wood Ducks

Wattle birds

Black birds


Silver eyes – tiny birds

Eastern Spine-bills


Easter Whip bird

Blue wrens

Willy wagtails

Bell birds

Grey Fantails

Rufus fantails