Report abandoned waste. broken street trees

Email Council

for litter, waste, not yet booked curbside waste, dropped branches, abandoned vehicles,nature strip issues, unlawful advertising etc

for a by law inquiry or waste collection

[email protected]



The Environment Protection Agency is the authority for taking legal action with regard to protection of the environment against pollution, contamination, destruction and degradation.It’s main focuses are Air, Water, Land, and the urban environment.

Most people are aware of the ability to “dob in” an offender who is throwing litter, or driving a horrendously smokey vehicle. There are in fact slips of paper, that can be kept in the glove box of the car, for filing a report, if you feel so inclined.

The past few years, has been light on for news of prosecutions, in the media, and so there has been an impression that the EPA has not been “doing much” Many cases take quite some time for information to get to the stage of prosecution. The EPA has a newish chairman who is reinvigorating the agency, and we can expect to see a more open and focused EPA.

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