Fruit fly in Maroondah

Back in 2018, CCS hosted a meeting with an expert from Victorian Agricultural security to inform the Yarra Valley, that fruit fly would reach Melbourne anytime soon. Well this year, in Maroondah, our backyard Nashi pear has been hit hard for the first time. The evidence is a tiny pinprick hole where the fly has injected eggs. The eggs mature into miniscule grubs, which are white and make the food begin to rot from the inside out. When cut open the evidence is clear.

If you remove the tiny worm, and put it on a clean dry benchtop, it will wriggle along, then pull both ends together so it makes a U shape, then it springs forward (jumps) quite a distance.

DO NOT PUT THIS FRUIT IN A COMPOST OR WORM FARM. It must either be boiled or frozen to kill the worms, before disposal. Fruit fly netting is available if you need to protect future crops, do not let pest this off your property if you have it.

March 2, 2023 · Liz Sanzaro · No Comments
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