VPO’s, SLO’s, Habitat corridors

Habitat corridors

These are pathways across Maroondah that allow fauna, like birds, possums and even koalas to survive in the midst of what is essentially and urban environment. And obviously it is why CCS values our tree canopy so highly and fights constantly to retain what exists and to provide new growth. Follow this link Planning and Building – Planning – Habitat Corridors Study

VPO’s are more extensive areas of Maroondah where Vegetation Protection Overlays are in place to protect the habitat corridors and the tree cover which is integral to Maroondahs environment.

Significant Landscape Overlays SLO’s

This applies where the vegetation has special significance in terms of it being un- infested by weeds and exotic species and truly indigenous to this region, as it was before development. In other words still almost virgin bush. Many rare species to this region are located on these parcels of land. You would know if this applies to your land, because you would have been involved in the identification process and subsequent application for this protection.