Become a Solar Citizen

A while back CCS held a public meeting in the room at Croydon Main St to hear from a group known as 100% Solar. It is NOT a business but a group whose purpose is to lobby for good sustainable solar solutions to power. Those of us who attended on the night added our names to their data base in order to boost numbers when lobbying Government to take new solar energy initiatives seriously.

100% Solar is keen to add more names to its list so if you already are doing your bit, by having installed your own panels on your roof, you may wish to become a Solar citizen. Peter Cook who has been a stalwart of Container deposit Legislation has written the following in the latest edition of Understorey. Paid up Members of CCS can read Understorey in full in the Members Only section of our webpage.


Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association Inc (DRREA) would like to encourage all supporters of solar power and other forms of renewable energy to register as ‘Solar Citizens’.

Registering is easy. Just go to then click on ‘join’.

We think ‘solar citizens’ is a really good initiative with lots of potential. It is an initiative of The more people who register the better 100% will be able to lobby for policies that are supportive of solar power.

Some ideas are for Solar farms where mirrors are set up in concentric circles to direct sunlight to a tower of salt. Initiatives such as these require investigation for suitable sites and installation.