I want to object

If you wish to voice your opinion you will find the following info of huge value.

this link will take you to Environmental Justice, where you can use their CELS objection kit for objecting to planning

FYI: The State Government’s 10/30 vegetation clearance exemptions do not apply in Maroondah. No land owner is permitted to remove a viable tree without a Maroondah Council Permit!

You will need to know the reference number which will be eg. M/2018/65  the last number given by council, identifies the application. A visit to Council to view the proposal is the best way to understand what the applicant wants to do. Feel free to ask Council for a copy of the visual plan showing the footprint…that is how the proposed structure will be sited on the land. Council is open until 7pm on Mondays. The Planning person at Council who will show you the plan should be impartial and will speak about the “building envelope” this is the square meter-age space allowed for the entire site coverage of the proposal. This CAN be altered to avoid severing tree roots, or removal of tree, depending on the location of the trees obviously. Footprint, is more detailed and shows where the building envelope is to be sited. New houses can be made to have exterior walls that are indented if a Canopy tree is at risk, rather that a straight wall which might cut through. A canopy trees is one with a girth circumference greater that 500cms measured 1 meter above the ground or the tree is taller than 5 meters. it is irrelevant whether it is a native or ornamental or exotic tree, with the exception of some weed species which are documented here.

Most of Maroondah is covered by one of two planning controls, known as SLO or VPO, both are about retaining trees. The SLO is significant landscape overlay and in general refers to the geographical feature of the Wicklow ridgeline which transverses Maroondah, from Wombolano park at Heathmont, through Croydon South at the top of Eastfield Rd across to behind the Monastery as the Monastery ridge, and across Maroondah highway at the top of Birts Hill, intersection of Yarra Rd down to Plymouth Rd, with Richardsons Rd being at the highest elevation. This ridgeline is visible as a treed feature from Mt Dandenong lookout. A second ridgeline is across Wyreena  area parallel to Dorset Rd.

A VPO is a Vegetation Protection Overlay which is designed to protect habitat, so it may mean a permit is required to remove a native tree, even if it is dead, as it may develop nesting hollows or other suitable nesting or roosting potential. The land in question may have both a VPO and a SLO. Maroondah Council does it’s best within planning law to keep our area covered by Canopy trees.

To begin with write something to your elected Councillors, their email addresses are on Councils webpage under “contact us” Make it clear why you are unhappy, but never mention that you  think it will be detrimental to the value of your property, that is subjective and emotive. Be clear to use Councils own policies to quote, such as the preferred character of your neighbourhood, look for Neighbourhood character study, You will need to open the map first to determine your specific Neighbourhood arrea. There are 23 separate regions within Maroondah, the objective of keeping character is referred to as preferred character.  Definitely mention Canopy tree protection and feel free to link trees to a sustainable future given they have many environmental benefits, you are welcome to use information from our website under trees, then use the  downloadable letter information in your own words.

Everyone thinks something should be done..No one thinks they are the someone, so no one does anything. All change involves all of us, you are the someone, and you will find, others will join with you once someone does something!