Croydon Central re-development

Proposed new Croydon Central shopping precinct at no 1 Kent Ave Croydon

On Wed 20th June 2012 Sandra and I met with the COO of Prattcorp and the MD of Royce, a Business Strategist group employed by Prattcorp for the consultation process.

The work, when and if passed by Council will begin hopefully in 2013, with the first stage on the land at the northern end of the market car parking area adjacent to the Scout Hall. On completion of this Coles and Aldi will move in and space will be available for others who currently rent retail space.

The second stage will be to demolish the entire of what currently exists, and rebuild a new large structure, being built right up to the foot paths on Wicklow and Kent Ave. The only space for trees will be the nature strip. This sounds awful, but there is significant planting to be incorporated into the plans, and in terms of shopping center appearances, these plans are relatively sympathetic with Croydon’s natural feel.

A few residents who live in Toorak Ave, in the lowest section, may find they have no view at all of the Dandenongs as the building will be two storey along Wicklow ave, but will cut into the land as it moves up along Kent Ave, so that it virtually disappears. Car parking will be underground. The 4 independently owned shops facing Toorak Ave will remain, at this stage. There will be only 4 town houses incorporated into the plan, as a residential component.

There is also provision for later date incorporation of an overhead walk way to Main St and the station (city bound).