Public Transport

Effective public transport is a critical factor in Environmental sustainability.

Since patronage has increased exponentially, and given it is PUBLIC transport, CCS is encouraging all members to use the following links to alert Metro to work that needs attention.

If they don’t know, they can’t fix it.
Contact details for Metro
or  Phone:    1800 800 007

Still not satisfied? try the Transport Ombudsman……………….

Public Transport Ombudsman
Phone:            1800 466 865

Mail:                 P.O. Box 538
Collins Street West


Welcome to pt4me2 – join with us for better public transport is a project of the Metropolitan Transport Forum which represents 22 municipalities across Melbourne on transport issues.

The objective of pt4me2 is to give you (the community) a stronger voice in efforts to improve public transport right across Melbourne.

CCS has for many years now lobbied on your behalf for public transport in terms of increased availability, reliability, increased services, both rail and bus and better care taking of infrastructure.
We have a committee member who is a Stationeer. This means he is allocated meagre funds to help improve our local railway facilities. We have planted trees at Croydon Station – the bank of Sideroxylons – black iron barks along the East end of the platform on the North side. We have also planted trees at Ringwood east Station – along the South side of the North Car park, down to Dublin Rd opposite the shops.
Duncan regularily paints out grafitti on the bulidings and substations in the Station environs, a group of volunteers aften does litter collection around Croydon Station also.


CCS greens the Railway Stations……………..


Stationeers Project -Wicklow Ave.

Through a project named Stationeers, CCS has had a willing contributor in Duncan Waite. Duncan applies for funding through an initiative of Maroondah Council under community grants program. He then organises plantings, rubbish cleanups, and graffiti removal at not one but two stations in our district. Croydon and Ringwood East. Trees have been planted in both locations. On the South side of the carpark at Ringwood East, near Dublin Rd and along the platform fence at Croydon, a line of black barked Eucalypts, to provide both shade and biomass and for the enjoyment of commuters and residents alike. The Green Team helped at Ringwood East.


Shade and environment modification at Croydon Station.,/p>

Duncan also is our resident graffiti removal person, who has targeted the Metrol building in the Southern car park of Croydon Station. Council has provided the paint for obliteration and Duncan’s persistence has deterred much of the vandalism that had previously occurred there.

If you would like to participate in this work, contact us through Liz 9879 2247 or through link on this site president of CCS