Pacific ocean garbage island

For teachers in Schools at the end of this page is a 20 page pictorial learning resource.

The bottles are the main problem for our environment. In our world’s oceans there are floating “islands” of plastic where the oceans have swirled the flotsam to. The obvious problems with plastic killing ocean creatures and oceanic bird life through entanglement and ingestion,are easy to see, sea mammals developing breast cancer however indicates that the level of pollution being washed out to sea, where it is thousands of times diluted by sea water, must be significant!

alive in spite of semi strangulation Could have just been the ring off a juice bottle that has condemned this creature to this life.  Recycling all plastic, with some motivation (money)is one way we can ALL make a difference immediately.
Stopping buying bottled water is an easy way to reduce demand. Our Melbourne tap water is good drinking water, it really is unnecessary for anyone to purchase water in bottles.The-Great-Pacific-Garbage-PatchYes, that is ALL plastic of many varieties and it is far more extensive than you can see, it almost is the size of another continent!Too late for this AlbatrossToo late for this Albatross

Together we can change the World! To see some images of plastic in the environment, click on the text below.This “click to progress” series of images is a graphic account of why we should all stop using bottled water for convenience or status. It is American in origin – but is none less true for that.

A great link for researching al forms of Plastic from bags to microbeads, to microfibres can be found at this site.

This material comes courtesy of the group solar fast
Keep the message alive for the need for radical changes – now while everything is “up for grabs” is absolutely the RIGHT time for changes to be made for a sustainable future.