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Maroondah region Heritage review

Currently Council is undertaking analysis of immediate post war development in our region. If you know of a particular house, street (named in honour of the war) a location, a building or streetscape that you think might fit this criteria, please email us at and we will pass it on to the responsible person […]

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Cheong Park planting

Cheong Park April 29th planting

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Knox news…Kestrel

Kestrel No 368 April 2018

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Fruit Fly control ! Teachers – an education must !

This message is for everyone, but a must for Schools!  CCS is hosting an evening meeting, during School Holiday time after Easter. We have gained the expertise of an educator about fruit fly. This threat is already among us unfortunately, with the potential to extensively ruin produce; from back yard fruit tree and vegie growers […]

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VALE Whilma Hewlett

Croydon has just lost one of our most connected and enthusiastic community members and one of our own committee.  Whilma Hewlett. Whilma grew up in Bayswater , the proud daughter of a Solider who lost an arm at war, but who came home and built a house for his family and continued to support them. […]

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A Blue Billed Duck loses local habitat?

If you weren’t aware CCS has it’s own FB page. It is a closed group, so you need to ask us to join, we really want to see more of our members using this if possible. We have just posted on FB the Video related to this issue. It comes from friendly groups around Knox […]

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Spinulosa Newsletter

from Montrose Environment Group this edition features the years of conservation effort made by both Graeme Lorimer and Ruth Jackson. Spinulosa Feb 2018 newsletter

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support two planning amendments

CCS encourages you to visit this site Transition Towns local Maroondah group and add your name. Two new amendments to Maroondahs Planning Scheme C96 and C97 have come about since a VCAT hearing concerning a multi-dwelling application in Lawrence grove abutting Railway Avenue in Ringwood East recently. The original Maroondah plan could have allowed […]

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where environment meets art

Ruth Jackson, is a local well known Botanical Illustrator. For many years now she has worked as an environmental activist using her magnificent life like paintings to engage with people about our precious environment. Her original watercolours are to be on exhibition at Federation Estate in Greenwood Avenue Ringwood. We encourage you to either attend […]

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While the cat is away etc ……………..

How cowardly of the person(s) responsible for a major Dandenong creek pollution event to wait until Melbourne is busy celebrating cup day to decide to discharge an enormous quantity of toxic effluent into Dandenong creek. The pictures show how horribly the fish and eels have died, with what looks like blistering on their skin. One […]

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