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Something positive you can do environmentally without being an expert.

We need to collect a data base, created by a team of passionate people (YOU) who are willing to document ( on a phone as a pic, or in a list with pen & paper) the many NON human faces of diverse Maroondah residents.

Whether it be birds, large or small, stick insects, frogs, butterflies, skinks/lizards, fish, bats, bees, Bogong moths, ladybirds, dragon flies, including habitat plants, by common name is OK, we don’t need the botanical names. Whatever you can see regularly in your area, where you live or walk through, is what we are after.

This needs to be ongoing over about a year or longer, just an extra tick beside the item for every time you see it again will do the job.

These documented records are vital to verify/support important new changes to Maroondah’s Strategy for Biodiversity and Vegetation. Once it goes before the minister for Planning, for verification, it will be denied, if we can’t back up our reasons with evidence (data) of the observed residents of our local streams, wetlands, vegetation, and habitat corridors. If this strategy is not backed up by evidence, it will be challenged and we may ALL lose out on vital protection.

Please register by sending a message to

president (at) telling us your name and what area you would like to collect data about.

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