Toad smart Quolls

Cane toads are decimating many species who snack on them and die. However there are some discerning diners who choose not to eat them. Montrose Environment Group are hosting an event where you can learn more from the PhD researcher who has studied this phenomenon.

Ecologist & Conservation Biologist The invasion of cane toads across northern Australia has led to drastic declines in native predators that unknowing attack the poisonous toads. One of these, the northern quoll, is hurtling towards extinction as the toads invade its range. Luckily, there are a small number of quolls that continue to survive in areas that have long been invaded by toads. They do this by being “toad-smart” – they don’t attack toads in the first place. This is a very rare behaviour, but it could prove vital for saving this species. We wanted to know if toad-smarts are heritable, and if so, could we breed this behaviour into threatened populations to help them survive toads? Ella Kelly has recently completed her PhD in the School of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne. Ella has spent the past six years working on conserving threatened species of the Top End. Her discoveries have led to peer-reviewed publications, an appearance on ABC News, and most importantly, may prove vital to helping northern quolls survive the cane toad invasion.
Date: Sunday 25th August
Time: 11am
Where: Montrose Town Centre, 935 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Montrose
Entry by donation
Optional delicious lunch (GF soups, homemade cakes, tea and coffee) for $10 adults & $5 child. To book contact John via e-mail
Supported by Yarra Ranges Council

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