Thinking about the November State Elections in terms of what is best for the environment ? this questionnaire will help clarify how the environment and planning has been doing over the past few years. You can also print it off and send it to you local representative in the hope they will take the time to complete it and send it back, or striaght to Ian imorgans999(at) amend this by inserting the @

Ian is part of Planning Democracy which is an extensive group of people headed by Hon. Kelvin Thompson who’s mission is to restore decision making to the local level, allowing Councils representing the community, to have a say in their own municipality and not be overridden by State decisions.

Some recent State decisions may favour development at all costs including in the green wedges of Melbourne and locally in Maroondah the current push for Croydon Station to be elevated at the cost of 2 kms of native bushland along Wicklow Avenue and Railway crescent. All to be removed and replaced with a concrete wall right on the curb and channel, of Wicklow Avenue.

Click on the banner top of page “what will Croydon Station look like” to see images

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