Sick due to chemicals?

Some people find their tolerance to chemicals becomes severely diminished. This can occur due to other health issues, a once-off toxic dose, continual exposure over time, or just because they are more sensitive or have a trigger-fast response from the immune system. This can lead to being sensitive to multiple chemicals, and may cause a person to need to avoid many chemical used in our wider environment.

MCS society of Australia guidelines


A movement in America is trying to raise awareness of the dangers of these chemicals to us as humans. There is an informative video available from the following link…

Croydon Conservation Society was a respondant to the South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Click on the link below for the full document.

SA Parliamentary Inquiry

Childrens Allergy Centre

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Any adult who wishes to add their voice to “Global Recognition Campaign for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity “and other chemically induced illnesses, diseases and injury affecting civilians and military personnel can contact  –

She says below….

Anyone with chemical sensitivity, MCS or other chemically induced illnesses, diseases and injury or their supporters and those with knowledge of MCS and the dire health consequences of chemical exposure/exposures which are ubiquitous in our global societies – please visit my website and leave an entry/comment/ and/or your story in my website Guestbook to help in my Global Recognition Campaign and for those with Websites. I am also collecting some of “your stories” so if you are able to, please send them in with a notation that I have permission to use. Please – let my website be “your voice” to the world. If you are not able to or comfortable with giving me your story then please simply leave an entry or comment in my guestbook – you do not have to use your surname or other personal details if you do not wish to do so -(you may leave that privately with me to not be revealed) and actually for your protection, I would not reveal surnames unless you specifically asked me to. Thank you very much and Kind Regards,

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