Fruit Fly control ! Teachers – an education must !

This message is for everyone, but a must for Schools!  CCS is hosting an evening meeting, during School Holiday time after Easter. We have gained the expertise of an educator about fruit fly. This threat is already among us unfortunately, with the potential to extensively ruin produce; from back yard fruit tree and vegie growers to commercial Yarra Valley producers.  This is an opportunity to get advance education relating to food security.

Speaker is Bronwyn Koll the Regional Coordinator of Agribusiness Yarra Valley

All of us will need to learn new ways to dispose of infected fruit to prevent spreading the problem. Infected fruit cannot be composted! So how do we dispose of fruit stones, cores and spoiled fruit? Knowledge is critical for anyone with back yard fruit trees! Meeting at 8pm in Croydon, Civic Square, Glen Frost Room Wednesday 11th April….read on for fruit likely to succumb to this pest.

We will soon have to learn how to inspect fruit before consumption, and more importantly how to dispose of infested backyard grown fruit, so as not to become part of a serious impending problem. In Shepparton, residents have been asked to destroy their back yard fruit trees, to help the farmers keep on top of the presence of Fruit Fly in the region.

Maroondah is not too far from the Yarra Valley vineyard region, and other mini farm fruit growers, berry farms etc, we need advance education to deal with this issue.

Before our supermarkets look like they did in Launceston just a couple of weeks ago.

In Kingston close to Launceston.

Host produce include apples, apricots, bananas, blackberries, capsicum, cherries, figs, grapefruit, mulberries, nashis, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes.

Fruit Fly Host Produce Recall There has been a detection of infected imported fruit from Victoria. Tasmanian wholesalers and retailers have been asked to withdraw at risk produce from the market. All Tasmanians can help in protecting Tasmania from fruit fly.

Source: Tasmania Police shared TasALERT‘s post. FB page Feb 22nd 2018




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