Eastfield Park Enhancement plan on review…have your say

A lot has happened to the original expansive re-development plans, which were unpalatable to local residents. There is a much softer new plan in design, but with significant upgrades.

All this is available here for you to comment on before July 8th.

Also you will be pleased to hear that the Neighbourhood character revision has been on exhibition, CCS has responded favorably to it because of the following features. It is based on our geographical ridgelines of Wicklow, Ruskin and Loughnans, as the dominant land to be kept under extensive tree canopy for future vistas within and around Maroondah. ALL properties across the municipality will be subject to increased % permeability, from 30% to 50% depending on size of property. This will allow water to ground absorption for continued tree health. To be over-ridden is the ridiculous State determined Vic Code building that allows the “garden area” of 20% to include pools, tennis courts, paved areas and decks. MCC Neighbourhood plans open space descriptors will have “teeth” at VCAT. Canopy trees are also a required feature of all new re-developments, other than in the specified higher density activity centers of Ringwood, Heathmont and Ringwood East.

All amendments are designed to maintain as much native and exotic trees as possible with increased deliberate focus of planting “Gardens for Wildlife” to enhance our biodiversity.

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