Croydon Station uplift project

As we embrace the new uplifted Croydon station and rail line, which will have a very positive effect of re-joining Croydon into a flat walk-through area from many locations, we need to also understand the environmental impact. For CCS this means the Crane memorial planting, which was a project done by CCS back years ago, and which could be at risk. It entailed planting along the entire rail line from the Mt Dandenong Rd bridge to the Dorset rd bridge.

Athol Crane was a founding member of CCS, who helped CCS achieve a financial base from which stil today enables us to continue our work.Below is photo indicating the linear planting that may be affected, as the line is uplifted.

To view a whole presentation with mock up images follow this link, this is not absolutely the final outcome, just what was prepared for Council by a consultant group. There will be more vegetation at risk on the East side of Croydon Station as the line drops back down to road level, past Coolstore Rd.

Back in the 60’s rubbish used to be collected from your roadside in galvanised metal bins. Bottles were collected at depots, there was one on the verge of Eastfeld Rd and Bayswater Rd, that supported the Boy Scouts, and papers were bundled for collection by Australian Paper Mills. Councils were not into any form of recycling, during this time, only rubbish collection for landfill.

CCS decided to ask people to take their papers to one of their local CCS members, who would then deliver them to Athol Crane, who stored them over 6 feet high in his garage until it was totally full. Once full, a call to APM was made and the men from CCS would gather to load the truck, it would take all morning. As Athol became older, he would be inside making scones to feed the men loading.

In 1979 the CCS newsletter reads “A great load went away a week ago, thanks to the loaders who loaded 5 tonnes, in a fairly short time. We need help, Athol is the man to contact —– as our funds grow we are working on two special projects for conservation purposes locally.”Athol and his wife Florence who also has a local memorial to her in the sundial at Croydon Library, are people who wove the social and environmental fabric of Croydon, to help keep it treed and green.

CCS is in talks with the people at to ensure they know of the importance of this linear planting. We will keep you posted as time progresses. The consultants work was done prior to the Pearson Drive multi level carpark adjacent to the Station.

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