Response to Croydon Hub

CCS response to the revised Croydon Hub

Overall, the revised plan has enormous improvements on the original. It contains far more friendly open spaces and abundance of green vegetation and no longer has the gun barrel walk trans-versing the area. The majority of CCS committee have indicated a moderate level of support for what is being shown however there are still some questions to be answered. One serious concern is that of a commitment from Council to follow the Reduce waste, Reuse and Recycle mantra of conservation. We are unaware of how any of this is to be implemented.


We are also very concerned for the future of the Croydon Memorial pool, since the space allocated adjacent to the Leisure centre, indicates a replication of the large pool in Springfield Rd. It is assumed, by our committee, that this will become a very contentious issue further down the track. Council has made a blanket statement that all these facilities in civic square have reached the end of their useful life. Without explanation and cost comparisons, we are being asked to take a leap of faith that this is a reality. If the community is involved in seeing further concept designs, we may get a clearer indication of how the new plans will meet all future needs.


Opportunities to off set some loss. It would appear from U3A current newsletter that they (more broadly- in general) have not been involved in the early discussions on the concept plan.  Their current newsletter refers to requiring more space.  There is a good opportunity for the council to take over the Croydon Community school and provide this to U3A or other community group, to amalgamate their various activities that currently occur in a range of buildings including the Croydon Swimming Club hall, which is used by their art classes


The removal of the RSL memorial onto a separate location adjacent to footpath and close to parking makes it in a spot where it should get good public visibility as a reminder of the men who gave their lives while also providing parking close by for ageing RSL members adding to accessibility. We would still expect to see a beautifully kept flower garden around the base of this memorial as it always has been a Kent Avenue.


Many are finding the loss of our current Library, with its architecturally pleasing flat entry and integrated into the landscape hard to accept. The new rectangular library appears designed to run all the way to the duckpond and it also appears that it will afford a limited view of the pond, given that this looks like it is the major entrance way. Some of our members have expressed great concern at the shape of the new library, being a rectangle. We believe it will take some considerable internal designing to assist in breaking down this shape which as an empty space is not really conducive to inner harmony. We would hope that provision for sitting inside and looking out onto the pond is provided as we’ve currently been accustomed to. If the current duck pond is currently in poor condition, it begs the question as to why and how it became that way. Will the new smaller pond be better cared for as a community asset? The plan indicates no details of vision of the enhanced pond facing the Woolworths shopping centre carpark. Entrance to the Library will need to be thoughtfully considered so as not to disrupt vistas to the pond side. Also currently there appears to be no seating specifically around the pond to sit and enjoy the ambience.


The areas such as the storytime lawn the amphitheatre the informal play on the playground and we assume the James Stevens memorial lawn are all going to add to the usability for the entire community. On site, a place needs to be made available for the recently renovated Croydon Conservation Society memorial sundial in the name of Florence Crane, a founder of CCS, it is the brass sundial that has importance, not necessarily the rock foundations.

CAFÉ SPACE          

We are very pleased to hear that Council is looking to tenant this space, to a community enterprise and not get into a binding exclusive arrangement as happened at REALM. It is poor for the community not to be able to bring any other food other than that from Café Stazione, under strict contract rules at inflated pieces. It is also pleasing to hear that the Cafe can be used as a soup kitchen. We wonder if it could also be used by agreement with others wanting to provide food for something to be held in the function space?


In the shared spaces that could be used by Croydon chess club Maroondah Senior citizens, the Bowls clubs and any of the other symphony groups etcetera we hope there are going to be opportunities to display the things such as trophies awards and notices which generally add to the ambience of a space used by a particular interest group.

What is proposed for the Croydon historical display currently in the library?  We wonder how many groups are expected to inhabit the two shared Hub buildings, especially groups who run classes everyday versus the occasional use groups such as the Military History group.


There are still concerns from some of the committee that there will be insufficient parking for all of the new activities being suggested.  There appears to be limited increase in available parking along the Civic Place west side.  This would increase the traffic flow along this narrow roadway with the entry/ exit access at the intersection of Main St and Mt Dandenong Road traffic lights, thus increasing the potential traffic hazard at this busy intersection. It is good to see an increase in at level parking however with the new entranceway to Aqua hub there may be more pressure put on parking on the east side which already is relatively tight when being used for other things in that area such as the bowls and anything in well-being hub B. We understand the dilemma for balancing open space with parking.


We are pleased to hear that the mixed-use development partnership opportunity will remain in the hands of Council, meaning our last response has been heard loud and clear at Council, that nobody wants any of that land sold off to private investors. We agree that this rentable building could include opportunities for allied health professionals, psychologists, doctors, physios, podiatrists and any other allied health that might be of use in that location being not too far from the seniors area. We would expect to see creative design elements that bring the outside inside so that natural views are available right through the building.


As Council moves forward with plans, the committee of CCS has offered our input at any stage, particularly with regard to “making the facilities feel like Croydon”. This means views of trees, nature, integrated space for planting and seating, as well as sympathetic built treatments and materials with lots of natural light and a reduction in hard surfaces such as concrete.

Croydon Conservation Society Inc. PO Box 869 Croydon 3136 Inc. No. A0031156D ABN 36 236 152 916 President – Liz Sanzaro Secretary – Neroli Wesley
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June 25, 2020 · Liz Sanzaro · 2 Comments
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  1. Margaret Rockow - July 4, 2020

    Dear Neroli & Liz,

    We would like to include two sections of information from your website in our RPRAG July 2020 Newletter,
    if permitted, so are asking if we could have your permission to do so.

    The two sections are on Significant Trees, and Illegal Tree Removal; acknowledgement would be included,
    plus CCS web address & contact phone number for Liz Sanzaro, if appropriate.

    Kind regards,
    Margaret Rockow
    RPRAG member, on behalf of Jane Monk (Secretary) & Jane Kopecek

  2. Liz Sanzaro - July 5, 2020

    RPRAG are most welcome to use our material. I have just alerted Council to a message from one of our committee who has a friend in Rusking Ave, that some of Councils newly planted trees ahve been vandalised. Can you confirm this and tell us how many? Cheers Liz

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