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How cowardly of the person(s) responsible for a major Dandenong creek pollution event to wait until Melbourne is busy celebrating cup day to decide to discharge an enormous quantity of toxic effluent into Dandenong creek.

The pictures show how horribly the fish and eels have died, with what looks like blistering on their skin. One can only assume that the discharge was highly caustic, causing foaming along the creek as it was carried down, possibly all the way to the Patterson river entry to Port Philip Bay.

One member of friends of Dandenong creek who took some of these photos, was splashed by some water and felt a burning sensation.


The link above is a short video of the creek during the event.

The EPA has been advised, and a sample taken for testing, but as yet no result. This is the worst pollution event in the last 20 years according to the friends group co-ordinator Anthony.

Most of the fish that succumbed were removed by Melbourne water, however many are still washing down from upstream. It appears the creek is healthy much further up, and the foam was only evident from Bayswater, just up- stream from Canterbury rd. This seems to finger-point at the discharge coming from the vicinity of the Bayswater Industrial zone.

CCS condemns acts of deliberate pollution and those who are responsible. We will post results from the EPA as soon as they are available.

November 17, 2017 · Liz Sanzaro · One Comment
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  1. M Yeaman - November 17, 2017

    This is terrible, whomever is responsible needs to feel the fulll force of the law.

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