VALE Whilma Hewlett

Croydon has just lost one of our most connected and enthusiastic community members and one of our own committee.  Whilma Hewlett.

Whilma grew up in Bayswater , the proud daughter of a Solider who lost an arm at war, but who came home and built a house for his family and continued to support them. This probably set an example to her of “just get on and do it” After marrying she and her husband moved close to Croydon Station, and Main St, on a long block where they planted some beautiful now large trees for the kids to play in the shade; if they were not at the memorial pool keeping cool. Being close to everything was necessary as Whilma had never had the luxury of owning a car. Her husband worked shifts and would be asleep in the house, during the daytime. With her love of the outdoors and her young family of four, Whilma would walk everywhere she wanted to go, many times to leave the house quiet, but also for her four children to learn to appreciate the outdoors.

She became involved in Scouts when her children were young and so eventually Whilma put in many many years as Group Leader at 3rd Croydon, located near the Leisure Center.  Group leader is the top role for the individual groups of Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers, from 8 to 25 years of age. In 2003 she received the Silver Koala a very high Honour indeed, from Scouts Australia for her many years of dedicated service to Scouting. She has been the leader for so many years almost everyone from two generations of Scouting families has known of her and her unfailing and enthusiastic work with Scouts, and their families, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

Whilma also joined Croydon Conservation Society in 1989 whilst still being fully involved with Scouts. For quite a time Whilma was secretary of CCS and collected mail from our PO Box regularly, easy to do as she went down Main St almost every other day for provisions which she carried back home.  Up until last year Whilma was still on our committee in a role as assistant secretary where from time to time she has to fill in taking minutes and recording correspondence, she never lost the ability to take down shorthand, a skill acquired in her teens. She also had been hosting our meetings at her own home, and provided us all with a warm cosy meeting room and supper.

Whilma was also to be found in Main St prior to the occasions of Anzac day, selling badges, at Legacy time, also selling badges and at Remberance day selling poppies every year. She provided continual support those who fought for the country, peers of her husband, and friends and wives, through the RSL.

Just two years ago in her 80’s she wanted to get out of the house and keep busy so she joined “Chicks with Sticks” a local group of women who knit in company, providing items for the needy and for premature babies, tiny beanies for their tiny heads. She was also a member of Probus, and still found time to go to other local Environment meetings, sometimes at the weekend. In 2015 Whilma received an award for service from David Hodgett, for her community service and spirit.

Whilma was one of the most well connected community personalities around and was always ready to lend a hand where and whenever she could, there will be many folks who knew her and her contribution to community.  After a very short stay in Maroondah hospital she passed quietly away this week.

Whilma is very deserving of recognition as someone who has given years of voluntary service in so many ways to the community of Croydon.  CCS would like to see her name on a reserve in Croydon somewhere.


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