Save Our Suburbs

Save Our Suburbs is an organisation that cares about the impact of development and urban planning in Victoria, especially the suburbs and environs of Melbourne which provide the city with some of the most desirable living conditions in the world and a lifestyle which is quintessentially Australian.

Save Our Suburbs has a positive vision for Victoria and lobbies government on issues such as residents’ rights, Melbourne 2030 and reform of VCAT. Working together we can influence Councils and the State Government to make sure that new developments are better designed in terms of their impact on the neighbourhood, their aesthetics and the lifestyle they offer.

You can also check out the information available from our own Maroondah Council website – Planning Appeals.

We hope this information is of some use to you and that you have found your way around the site with a minimum of difficulty. CCS is a group of local residents who are keen to keep our own neighbourhood, clean, green and free of harmful air water and environmental pollutants, our main focus is to be a reasonable body for sensible environmental discussion.

Feel free to attend any of our meetings. Second Thursday of the month, at 8pm .Call Liz on 9879 2247 for more details.