Neighbourhood Character

In 2004 a community consultative committee, in which CCS was involved, under Council’s umbrella, commissioned a consultant to describe the Neighbourhood Character Study of our individual “patch” This document has been fully accepted by Council and is used in planning applications, to encourage certainty and a level of control in planning.
There are 23 separate areas. If you are unsure as to your area, scroll down the page of the site, and click on View map of Neighbourhood Areas. There is a two page description of your specific area available at the following link called go to brochures This will help you understand what the residents of your area value, and how development must be in keeping with those values.

Why is development needing to be structured?

It was vital to the planning process to look seriously at how to absorb 20 thousand new residents in the future, this was a State government directive. If we had not done this, then the entire city would be subject to random and often inappropriate development, which would potentially threaten our much valued tree cover, and make a homogenous blend of units, houses, flats etc in every street, so that all areas lost individual character.<