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Two new amendments to Maroondahs Planning Scheme C96 and C97 have come about since a VCAT hearing concerning a multi-dwelling application in Lawrence grove abutting Railway Avenue in Ringwood East recently.

The original Maroondah plan could have allowed multi storey structures along the shopping precinct and abutting properties, as they were designated Growth Zones. The same situation was likely in Heathmont.

Afetr the huge opposition at Lawrence Grove a Panel hearing was held with all stakeholders to find out what housing pressure is forecast to be put on both activity centers. The following is an excerpt from the findings.

4.57       The Ringwood East Activity Centre Structure Plan anticipates that 500 new dwellings will be required in the wider Ringwood East area in the period up to 2031, equating to approximately 28 dwellings per year.

4.58       The Heathmont Structure Plan anticipate that 573 new households will be required in the wider Heathmont area in the period up to 2031, equating to approximately 32 dwellings per year.

4.59       The Structure Plans anticipates that most of the new housing supply would be in the form of medium density development and would be within the Structure Plan areas.

So in short both areas do not need to be under the Governments RGZ residential growth zone…which encourages developers to erect high density housing in mulit dwelling units.

Amendments C96 and C97 have been drafted by Council to vary their original Planning scheme. If you want to preserve the village feel of both areas, please add your name, which will go to the Minister for Planning Mr Richard Wynne to support Councils new amendments.

For further info……use Councils own webpage and search for C96 and C97 the full document is there.

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