Congratulations to Knox Environment Society

Recently KES , in partnership with Knox Council, have been acknowledged with an Award for Excellence from the Local Government Professional association. Together they have developed a program called Gardens For Wildlife.

It began small in 2005 providing assistance and plants for residents who wanted to encourage wildlife into their gardens. Only 4 % of native vegetation exists in the Knox Municipality so the need is great. So far 1400 plants have been provided with expertise from Irene Kelly from KES to residents, who want to participate and learn more. Many other Council have now expressed interest in adopting the concept of Gardens For Wildlife in their own municipality.

Croydon Conservation Society congratulates KES on the recognition of this award, and we hope as a neighbouring municipality to see the percentage of native vegetation in Knox continue to increase over time. Click for newsletter in full   Kestrel No 363 October 2017

CCS can make plants available to any Maroondah resident who wishes to replant indigenous trees and shrubs on their own property. You just need to contact us, with a photo of the site, an address, a rate notice ( so we know you own it) and the type of plants required, up to 6, in any annual application.

Our plants are grown by Candlebark nursery they grow very well after planting from tubestock. Candlebark Sept newsletter 2017 revised

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